• One of the things that is still in my mind when I arrive in London this past Tuesday was a large British Airway’s billboard advertisement that welcomed visitors to London.

    The billboard (see below) contained a photo of a old school diner set in an urban environment in the middle of the night.  The copy read:

    “Explore A City When It’s Asleep – Welcome to London”


    What struck me as odd about this advert (besides the overly dramatic and self-loathing tone of the copy) was that the picture was of Boston’s South Street Diner!!!!!!  WTF?!?  Why would British Airways create a welcome sign for London and NOT use a photo of London???

    Indeed, as an American who lives in Boston, I felt in some small way that our sovereignty was violated.  The English could not win the war against the colonies so now they are fighting us via public relations????  LOL!  Can you imagine what the response would be if American Airlines created a similar welcome sign in New York City and used a picture of Big Ben???