Goodbye Howie

On November 28th, 2003 you were brought into this world on the exact same day as my birthday 33 years earlier. I knew from the minute I saw you that we were soul mates. 

Over the years, we went through many things together. Anyone who knows us would agree that we did not take an easy path….but it was our path. We defined each other. We relied on one another.

The outcome of this love and support was a beautiful family who loved and cared for you deeply. You helped me win over my beautiful wife Cindy. You also served as our glue when our relationship had to suffer the worst of me. You were the steadfast wingman who could look into her eyes and say without saying a word….”I know, I know…he’s a jerk…but he’s our jerk. Give him another chance”.

Those second chances allowed Cindy and I to fall even deeper in love and to introduce you to three beautiful children. First was your kooky sister Chloe, who worships and adores you (despite you casual annoyance with her). Aviana and Grayson followed – and you will forever be a part of their life story.

In the meantime, you went about flirting with your girlfriend Tessie. You served as One to One’s mascot. You grew your personal brand by being that FAB “bulldog in the window” in Boston’s North End. Finally, you brought incalculable joy and happiness to your favorite Uncle Yavuz with hours and hours of tug-o-war.

During the week of April 23rd 2012, you received the most unfair and horrifying diagnosis – an inoperable Osteosarcoma on your right rib cage. Our sadness was only magnified when they gave you six weeks to live.

But being the amazing man you are, you turned our grief into joy by giving us 8 more months. During this time, you played, you cuddled, and you loved as you only know how too. Moreover, you gave us the time we needed to say goodbye.

All though we were looking forward to celebrating your 9th birthday three days from now, we are so happy that you are no longer suffering. You were so brave to fight as long as you did for us. You deserve to rest.

Sleep well old friend. You will always be in our thoughts and heart. Your beautiful spirit is always welcome where ever we go.

I personally want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to care for you in your time of need. I thank you for making me a better man.

We will miss you dearly Howie. We love you with all of our hearts.

Cindy, Aviana, Grayson, Chloe & Jeremi

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