Gaming Rig Fixed

Voodoologo_1_1 FINALLY!  I have no idea why I procrastinated as long as I did.  I called Voodoo Tech Support yesterday and described to them the problem I was having with my M:855 laptop.  My rig was crashing anytime I started to do something processor intensive (like play a Massively Multiplayer Online Game).  I had thought there may be a problem with my fan or heat syncs.  In fact, it was something rather simple.  The AMD 64 bit Processor in my machine tends to run hot, even with the fan and heat syncs working properly.  What it needs in addition to those things to stay cool is something called Thermal Gel (…I know what you are thinking-KEEP IT CLASSY).  All I had to do was go by Microcenter, pick up a small tube of the Gel, open my rig and spread a layer across the top of the Microchip.  TADA!!!!! it works fine now!  HALLELUJAH!

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