Battlefield 2

Logo_1 Finally, thanks to my new gaming rig, I have been able to install and play the PC version of  Battlefield 2.  I bought the game when it first launched this past June.  However, I was unable to install it on my old  rig as it only has 64mb of video memory and the game requires a minimum of 128mb.  I was able to get a taste of the new Battlefield 2 via its Xbox version: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.  However, after losing connections to EA’s servers several times which seemed to result in losing all my player stats, I decided to bail.

Set2_full5 The PC version is nicely done.  The  environments and game play are vast improvements over EA’s first release: Battlefield 1942.  I am particularly happy to see that the game makers finally added a point reward system that credits the different character classes (Medic, Engineer, Spec Ops, Assault, Support, and Anti-Tank) for doing what they are supposed to be doing in battle.  This is a concept that id Software’s Return to Castle Wolfenetien got right 5 YEARS AGO!  However, EA took Battlefield one step further and introduced a Chain of Command system based off of the points you receive throughout your game play.  This has helped to establish a little order in an otherwise chaotic battle setting.

Set2_full3 The PC version has not gone without its problems.  After the first day of game play, I was unable to connect to any servers.  Every time I loaded a new game, right before it got to the player configuration screen, I would get dropped with a "Failed to Connect to Sever" error.  Bad memories of the X-box version came flooding back in my mind.  After re-installing the software 2-3 times and still suffering the same problem, I decided to turn to Google.   This led me to a discussion board that offered a number of suggestions (including re-installing xp, changing the port on my router, etc).  Thankfully, I found a post that offered a simple solution.  All I had to do was unplug my Cable Modem….wait 10 seconds…and plug it back in.  All the game needed was a new IP address.  Sigh! 

All-in-all, the game is promising.  EA does need to spend some time working out the kinks.

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