Bulldog inspires Phelp’s to Record Gold at Olympics


USA Today recently broke the following news:

As spring rounded into the biggest summer of his 19-year-old life,
Michael Phelps took a photo with his cell phone of what he really wants.  That way he could see it at the touch of a keypad. He could show it around, hear the oohs and aahs.  An Olympic gold medal? No. Seven Olympic gold medals? Guess again.

"It’s a 1-month-old English bulldog," he says after pulling up the
photo with the grinning expectancy of a child in a toy store aisle. "I
love bulldogs. It’s a big dog, but it’s a little dog, too. You know
what I mean?"

Hell yes!  I knew this guy was all class.  Phelps, My bully, Howie, sends a shout out to you and yours.  Keep kicking ass in China!

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