Maine Lighthouses Photo Set

My twin brother Ian and I spent Saturday, April 25th 2009 shooting three lighthouses in Maine (Cape Neddick Light, Whaleback Light, and Portland Head Lighthouse).  This set represents  the photos that I took.  I was using my Canon EOS-1D Mark II with a Canon EF 70-200mm L series lens fully racked out.  My gig was getting some nice close ups with the telephoto lens.  Ian focused on wide angle shots.  I will link to his set once he uploads (he does have his work uploaded to his Facebook account for those of you who have access to his profile).

You may enjoy the collection via my Flickr Photo Set titled: Maine Lighthouses 2009

The set primarily represents Cape Needick Light and Portland Head Lighthouse as Whaleback Light was to far out to sea (in fact I do not believe I have one photo of this lighthouse that I uploaded).   Most of the photos were taken at Portland Head Lighthouse between 5:00pm-7:00pm, when the light was perfect.  Both Ian and I intend to combine our photography into one edited set and make it available online.  We also are planning to publish a coffee table book of the work.

This was one of the first time’s my brother and I had the opportunity to enjoy our passion for photography together.  I will never forget what a wonderful time we had.


Shout out’s to Cindy for watching Howie, Zach, and Alex while Ian and I were gallivanting up and down the east coast of Maine.  We could not have had this day without you.

Another shout out goes to the Inn by The Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Your accomodations and pet friendly policies were absolutely fantastic.

  1. Cindy

    These pictures are beautiful hun. I love your style, your eye for angles and the incredible detail you’re able to capture. Great Job!

  2. The old man

    Really look great! Wonderful touch and capture.

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